1030 to 1130 Breaking Into TV

Room: Final Draft Hall
Time: LondonSWF2024 10:30am

with Thara Popoola, Tony McHale, and Philip Lawrence
moderated by May Gibson

1030 to 1130 Breaking Into TV image

While we all seek the magical formula to break into the industry, we must learn from the success of others. How is it done? How did THEY do it?

The answer is that there are as many routes to success as there are successes. With so many routes to success, you could:

  • Develop strategies to forge your own path!
  • Gain inspiration and confidence.
  • Understand what obstacles stand in everyone’s way — and how to overcome them!

Pioneers forge the paths, and the next generation of pioneers learns from those who came before. Stand on the shoulders of these giants as we launch you onto the screens all around the world!

Appearing in this session

May Gibson

May Gibson – Development/Producer - Independent Executive

Low budget, genre-based feature film ideas with strong hook or twist, could be drama or comedy; well written character driven/focused stories for film and TV. Looking for new writing talent that displays a distinctive, authorial voice. Interested in drama
Philip Lawrence

Philip Lawrence – Screenwriter

Credits include: EastEnders, Casualty

Philip was awarded the C21 Drama Script Prize with his black comedy drama Euthanasia in Suburbia and currently writes for EastEnders and Casualty.
Philip Lawrence
Thara Popoola

Thara Popoola – Writer

Sex Education S4 (Netflix), Queenie (Channel 4), Crongton (BBC)

Channel 4 Screenwriting alum, TV writer
Thara Popoola
Tony McHale

Tony McHale – Screenwriter and Director

Credits include: Waking The Dead, Silent Witness

Actor turned Writer and Director Tony McHale has written hundreds of hours of iconic british crime television.
Tony McHale