1200 to 1300 Writing Your Prestige TV Pilot with Phil & Ted

Room: Coverfly Hall
Time: LondonSWF2024 12:00pm

with Philip Hughes and Ted Wilkes

1200 to 1300 Writing Your Prestige TV Pilot with Phil & Ted image

Festival stalwarts Phil Hughes and Ted Wilkes return to the stage to deliver their most demanded session – how to apply their model of storytelling to writing for TV.

Building on the work they have done in their text Character Is Structure: The Insider’s Guide to Screenwriting, the duo showcases how to develop dramatically compelling and dramaturgically engaging pilot for the Prestige TV Pilot you are writing.

Delegates in this session will come away with:

  • A deeper understanding of how to apply the philosophy of “Character Is Plot” to prestige TV.
  • A greater confidence that their writing is serving the demands of the genre in a way that appeals to producers and performers.
  • The mindset and approach of audiences that they can attract with very specific techniques.

Phil & Ted always impress and delegates leave their sessions energized and enthusiastic to dig into their features. Now you TV writers can have the same experience!

Appearing in this session

Philip Hughes

Philip Hughes – Screenwriter, Educator

Credits include: Thunderpants, I Want Candy, The Queen's Nose

Phil is Course Leader for BA(Hons) Film & Screen degree at Regent’s University, London and is an experienced script editor for film and TV.
Philip Hughes
Ted Wilkes

Ted Wilkes – Screenwriter, Educator

Credits include: Love, Death & Taxes, The Irish Echo, Between Lambs and Lions

Ted teaches Screenwriting and Digital Media at Regent's University and is currently developing a TV series with producer Nick Agha.
Ted Wilkes