Meet the Agent… Getting an Agent

Room: Online
Time: 8:00pm

with Julian Friedmann

Meet the Agent… Getting an Agent image

How to get an agent, and why most scripts fail to get an agent or to sell

Firm festival favourite, Julian Friedmann, co-founder of Blake Friedmann Literary Agency, champion of emerging talent and now venturing into film production too, will be doing three agent-focused chats in the run-up to both the on-stage and the online elements of LSF this year:

Watch out for an email from us with the Zoom link and get your questions ready.

Appearing in this session

Julian Friedmann

Julian Friedmann – Film, TV & Literary Agent

Staunch supporter of emerging talent

Julian has years of experience as a literary agent. He is also the founder of ScriptWriter magazine and author of How To Make Money Scriptwriting.
Julian Friedmann