0900 to 1015 Know Yourself, Be Yourself: A Writer's Journal Workbook

Room: Coverfly Hall
Time: 9:00am

with Lucy van Smit

0900 to 1015 Know Yourself, Be Yourself: A Writer

Lucy runs you through the core principals of A Writer’s Journal to saves you time, get you writing, thinking and sharing your insights in class. These workshops are about knowing yourself better as a writer. What fires up your writing? What stops you? A Writing Journal is your superpower, your personal creative workshop where you feel safe, curious and non-judgemental about your writing, able to slow down and be more self-aware.

This session will get you writing based on the core principles:

  • Know Yourself: A Writing Journal is your Superpower.
  • Be Yourself: Start Close In.
  • Resilience: Writer’s Block & Performance Anxiety.
  • Flourish: It’s all in your Approach.

Emerging screenwriters and experienced writers seeking inspiration and meaning and purpose for their next project should definitely join Lucy for this soul-nourishing session. It’s tiime for you to reflect, write,
and share with fellow writers in a safe space & Q&A. Come with pen & paper and a big heart.

Appearing in this session

Lucy van Smit

Lucy van Smit – Novelist & Screenwriter

Credits include: The Hurting 

Novelist, TV Producer, Screenwriter and author of the best selling 'A Writer’s Journal Workbook' from Bloomsbury.
Lucy van Smit