Acting Up: Writing to Attract the Killer Cast

Room: Tuke Hall
Time: Friday 2:00pm

010 - (T)

with Mark Arnold, Manuel Puro, Ingrid Oliver, Angela Dixon, and Aschlin Ditta
moderated by Georgina Sherrington

Acting Up: Writing to Attract the Killer Cast image

When we imagine our characters, we often cast the roles in our heads. It’s a great way to envision the movie that will be born from your script. When you write, is that where the process stops for you?

Unless you have direct contacts, the strongest asset you possess to attract brilliant actors is your talent. Creating three-dimensional, conflicted characters in unique and authentic stories is the key to attach the best names to elevate your script.

In this session, writers will hear directly from professional actors what they look for when a script comes across their desk, what turns their “Maybes” into “Yes’s.” and what are the convincers that will make them happily work for scale (and sometimes even for free!).  

Appearing in this session

Angela Dixon

Angela Dixon – Actress

Credits include: Never Let Go, Offensive

Angela Dixon is an international actress and star of Howard J Ford's abduction thriller feature film 'Never Let Go'.
Angela Dixon
Aschlin Ditta

Aschlin Ditta – Screenwriter

Credits include: The Catherine Tate Show, Little Heart

Aschlin is an award winning Screenwriter who's latest feature, 'Swimming With Men' starring Rob Brydon was released this summer.
Aschlin Ditta
Georgina Sherrington

Georgina Sherrington – Development Producer

Georgina has worked in script editing for Harlots S3 (Hulu/Amazon) and Gormenghast (Fremantle), in commissioning for BBC Drama, and development for Euston Films.
Georgina Sherrington
Ingrid Oliver

Ingrid Oliver – Actor, Screenwriter & Director

Credits include: Doctor Who, Peep Show

Ingrid is best known as one half of the comic double act 'Watson & Oliver'. Or maybe as Osgood on 'Doctor Who'.
Ingrid Oliver
Manuel Puro

Manuel Puro – Casting Director

Credits include: Moon, The Machine, Scar Tissue

Manuel has worked with industry heavy hitters including Guillermo del Toro, Richard Attenborough and Nic Roeg, Guy Ritchie and Matthew Vaughn.
Manuel Puro
Mark Arnold

Mark Arnold – Actor

Credits include: Teen Wolf, Blade Runner 2049

Since making his mark in 80's cult classic Teen Wolf, Mark has appeared in films such as Florence Foster Jenkins, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, and Blade Runner 2049.
Mark Arnold