Adaptations: Navigating the Minefield of existing works or 'based on' true events

Adaptations: Navigating the Minefield of existing works or

Adapting a successful novel or other work seems like a logical evolution, but the process can be problematic. How do you navigate the minefield?

In this session our panel of experts will draw from their own experience and discuss how best to approach existing works or stories drawn from history which may involve certain ethical responsibilities.  Subjects covered will include:

  • How to secure book and/or life rights.
  • The importance of locking down an air-tight chain of title.
  • The murky grey area between ‘Based on’ and factual story telling – how far can and should artistic licence take you?
  • You’ve got the rights, dotted the t’s and crossed the i’s – what next?
  • What to cut and what to keep.
  • What are the common mistakes and tricks of the trade that you should learn now?

This is a MUST attend session for anyone considering an adaptation or a project based on true events – come and learn from masters of the adaptation craft the secrets of their success.