August 17th 8pm... Finding Your Voice with Jen Grisanti


with Jen Grisanti

August 17th 8pm... Finding Your Voice with Jen Grisanti image

By understanding how to add fiction to your truth, you will elevate the emotion in your story. Your emotional truth is your gold. It is what defines you as a writer. Your emotional truth is what gives you something to say. When you learn to add fiction to this and integrate it into the stories you tell, you create stories that will connect. When your world has turned upside down and life as you knew it shifted, your voice begins to form. You have something to say. You find your message. This is key to creating longevity in your writing career.

In this workshop, you will learn how to add fiction to your truth in the key parts of your story. You will learn how to identify your own life themes and in doing so, you will find out what it is you want to say to the world in the stories that you tell. You will learn that by adding fiction to your truth, you can go deeper into your story. By doing this, you elevate your scripts.

If you want to know the key element that defines the writer that you are, you will want to learn how to use this technique to bring your stories to a whole new level.

Ex Studio Exec turned Story/Career Consultant Jen Grisanti brings this cracking session to the LSF for the first time – it’s going to be a corker!

*Filmed at LSF2016

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Jen Grisanti

Jen Grisanti – Story / Career Consultant

Credits include: TV Writing Tool Kit: How To Write a Script That Sells

Drawing on her experience as a studio exec, Jen guides writers to shape their material, hone their pitches and focus their careers.
Jen Grisanti