Advanced Structure with John Yorke: LondonSWF Wednesday

with John Yorke

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The number one reason why great ideas, characters and stories fail at the final hurdle is poor structuring. John Yorke should know. As the former head of Ch4 Drama, BBC Drama, Company Pictures and a recent Golden Globe winner for Wolf Hall; these are clearly the credentials of someone who knows their shit.

Add to that the fact that John took a sabbatical to research and write perhaps the greatest book on story structure ever written, ‘Into The Woods’, and you know this one day masterclass from the London Screenwriters Festival will be a gamechanger for your script and career. And expect to roll your sleeves up, this class will have a practical element that will get you into action.

When: Wednesday 31st August 2016
Where: Regents University, Regents Park
How Much: £48.50
Time: 9:30am to 6:00pm

Master the structure

  • Master the single structure present in all great stories
  • Understand how all other models fit within this structure
  • Learn to see the DNA beneath your story, characters, premise, situation, action and dialogue
  • Learn how that DNA works and how you can use it in all your stories moving forward
  • Practice rapidly developing stories within this structure

Master the business

  • Understand the needs of the business, beyond your story and script
  • Learn how your story must adhere to strict industry structure needs and why
  • Learn to think like a story development executive or producer in order to meet the needs of the business
  • Learn how to remove the road blocks that can cause your deal and project to falter even if it is great writing
  • Practice rapid story development and pitching


  • Where these two worlds meet is the crossroads of success.
  • Find the crossroad for your project.
  • Find the place where business and art work together to meet the needs of both.

Pilar [and John Yorke]_2015_063And consider, this crossroads is where John lives. A master of structure. A professional with an extraordinary track record.

‘I understand a lot better now how to create a premise that works for commissioners, what questions they ask, and how to pitch it.’
Kristina Day, Screenwriter

‘John Yorke knows story structure inside and out and taught us in a way that was simple, engaging and memorable.’
KT Parker, Screenwriter

‘John Yorke was amazing, the cave/forest/wood concept was a real ‘unlock’ moment for me.’
Matt Harlock, Screenwriter & Director

‘John Yorke’s session was fantastic – I learned loads and he simplified everything into easily digested stuff.’
Sarah Cassidy, Screenwriter

‘John Yorke gave the best explanation and POV on story structure I’ve ever heard!’
Mike O’Reilly, Screenwriter

‘In a film world obsessed with structure, there was something refreshingly honest about John Yorke standing up in front of a room full of writers and stating that structure gurus had him seriously worried. So worried, he’d become one.’
Tom Kerevan, Screenwriter & Producer

When: Wednesday 31st August 2016
Where: Regents University, Regents Park
How Much: £48.50
Time: 9:30am to 6:00pm

Appearing in this session

John Yorke

John Yorke – MD | Angel Station

Credits include Wolf Hall, Shameless, Life On Mars, EastEnders

John is author of Into the Woods and a drama producer, consultant and lecturer on all forms of storytelling. He also executive produced Wolf Hall.
John Yorke