July 30th 8pm... Writing For The Right Young Audience; how to hit your mark every time!

Room: Online


with Catherine Williams, Joseph Lidster, Debbie Moon, and Lucinda Whiteley
moderated by Cera Rose Pickering

July 30th 8pm... Writing For The Right Young Audience; how to hit your mark every time! image

Do you want to write for children, but worry about hitting the right tone? Worry no more!

Children are a huge, diverse audience – and massive consumers of drama: on TV, at the movies and online. What’s more, writing for toddlers is very different to writing for teens. One size does not fit all!

Luckily, we’ve assembled a panel for you of writers and producers who have worked across all ages, from pre-schoolers to teens, from Teletubbies to Horrid Henry to Wolfblood. They’ll give you all the advice you could ask for to make sure your script is aimed at the right young audience.

*Filmed at LSF2018

Appearing in this session

Catherine Williams

Catherine Williams – Screenwriter

Credits include New Teletubbies, Topsy and Tim, Waffle the Wonder Dog, Chip and Potato

Catherine has over 15 years’ experience as series co-creator, writer, head writer and script editor on many BAFTA-winning children’s shows.
Catherine Williams
Cera Rose Pickering

Cera Rose Pickering – Screenwriter, Playwright & Actor

Credits include: Downton Abbey, Endeavour

When Cera isn’t writing, she can be found performing on stage and screen, appearing in films and TV shows.
Cera Rose Pickering
Debbie Moon

Debbie Moon – Screenwriter

Credits include: Wolfblood, Hinterland

Debbie is the BAFTA-winning creator and lead writer of the CBBC fantasy drama series Wolfblood, which ran for five series and is shown in nearly 60 countries.
Debbie Moon
Joseph Lidster

Joseph Lidster – Screenwriter

Credits include: Torchwood, Wizards Vs. Aliens

Joseph has written scripts for radio and television, including episodes of Torchwood, The Sarah Jane Adventures, Wizards Vs Aliens and Hetty Feather.
Joseph Lidster
Lucinda Whiteley

Lucinda Whiteley – Screenwriter & Producer

Credits include: Horrid Henry, Fimbles, Maisy

Writer and Producer of over 700 TV programmes, Lucinda is co-founder and Creative Director of Novel Entertainment.
Lucinda Whiteley