4:00pm Based on a True Story: Keeping It Real… Or Not

Room: Online
Time: 4:00pm

with Ellin Stein

4:00pm Based on a True Story: Keeping It Real… Or Not image

Producers and audiences are hungrier than ever for stories with their roots in reality, whether “based on” real events or just “inspired by” them.

Encompassing stories of true crime, financial and political scandal, historical injustices and space exploration, as well as biopics of everyone from Elton John to Colette, and Laurel and Hardy to Roger Ailes, the “based on real events” script is having a moment.

How do screenwriters stay faithful to the facts of a true story with making the narrative work dramatically? How many liberties can you take before you’ve left reality behind altogether? This session will explore these and other questions involved in adapting stories based on real events and consider how these relate to YOUR projects.

Appearing in this session

Ellin Stein

Ellin Stein – Script Editor, Educator

Author of That's Not Funny, That's Sick

Ellin teaches screenwriting on the MA Script Writing programme at Goldsmiths and has worked in development for numerous production companies in the US and UK.
Ellin Stein