Be part of the BIGGEST writing gig in town: Games 5.0

Room: Tuke Cinema
Time: Saturday 9:00am

with Holly Pickering and Mike Bithell

Be part of the BIGGEST writing gig in town: Games 5.0 image

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TV and cinema offer the audience a chance to experience many emotions as they explore the life of the protagonist. Games have been criticised for offering only one emotional journey for the player – that of winning.

Can writing for games go further? The new devices and new methods of distribution offer the chance to develop lower budget and more experimental interactive entertainment. Will we see this as a testing ground for new ways of telling stories?

If so, how can you write stories to convey a more complex experience and move beyond ‘click here to turn left’?

Appearing in this session

Holly Pickering

Holly Pickering – Indie Games Developer

Holly Pickering is the Founder and Solo Developer of Indieful Entertainment and Co-Founder of feminist meetup group 'LadyCADE'.
Holly Pickering
Mike Bithell

Mike Bithell – Games Writer, Designer & Coder

Credits include: Thomas Was Alone, Volume

Mike is the man behind Thomas Was Alone, an indie game that started as a hobby project, and went on to sell a million copies.
Mike Bithell