Beginner's Guide to Your FIRST Trip to LA and Hollywood

Room: Final Draft Hall
Time: Friday 3:30pm

with Joey Tuccio


Set the dates in say a couple of months. Duration of visit? Say, ten days? Find a sofa to crash on. And buy your airplane ticket. It’s not that expensive.

It’s also an eye-opening experience that will expand your possibilities exponentially. Unlike the common experience in the UK of knocking on doors that rarely open, in LA, it’s a very different story, where producers are actively on the lookout for new talent and projects. With the right approach, you will almost always get your fifteen minutes to impress.

In this session, Joey Tuccio will go over everything you need to know, from researching companies to how to reach out and navigate (literally and figuratively) Los Angeles, how to give the best meetings, and how to follow up.

You owe it to your career. Plan a trip to ‘that place’ where the most producers live and where the biggest money pot resides. It’s a wild and exciting ride!

Appearing in this session

Joey Tuccio

Joey Tuccio – CEO | Roadmap Writers

Roadmap Writers aims to bridge the gap between fresh, talented voices and the industry execs who can make things happen.
Joey Tuccio