Being Human in a Fantastical World

Room: Script Angel Cinema
Time: Friday 5:00pm


with Toby Whithouse and Nicole Perlman

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The best science-fiction not only transports the audience to a new and fantastical world, it provides commentary on what it means to be human. Whether the story takes place on the grand scale of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or a house in Totterdown, Bristol, or anything in between, without that human element, your sci-fi will be nothing more than a mix-tape: ultimately without a cohesive emotional empathy.

Toby Whithouse (Being Human, Doctor Who, The Game) and Nicole Perlman (Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain Marvel) will discuss how each of them manages to upset our accepted version of reality holding a mirror up to ourselves.

Whether you are a sci-fi writer, or just a fan of their work, Whithouse and Perlman will take you on a journey to an unfamiliar world, for it is only there that we can truly learn about ourselves.

Appearing in this session

Toby Whithouse

Toby Whithouse – Screenwriter

Credits include: Being Human, The Game, Torchwood

Toby is the Writer/Creator of Being Human and BBC's stylish hit new show The Game.
Toby Whithouse
Nicole Perlman

Nicole Perlman – Screenwriter

Credits include: Guardians of the Galaxy, Co-Writer on Captain Marvel coming in 2018.

Co-writer and original champion of ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’.
Nicole Perlman