Coffee with… Robyn Slovo, Brit Features Producer

Room: Final Draft Hall
Time: Friday 5:00pm


with Robyn Slovo
moderated by Rachel Paterson

Coffee with… Robyn Slovo, Brit Features Producer image

Exactly WHAT gets discussed, how and in what way during the infamous ‘meet and greet’ first meeting. The one after the pitch. This is a REAL chat and we get to snoop in on it.

Robyn is a hugely successful British producer who ANY writer would move heaven and earth to have coffee with. Meet LondonSWF alum Rachel Paterson who will meet Robin, on-stage, and ‘have coffee’. While staged, we want this to be the kind of chat that happens in the real world, with soft pitches, banter, relationship building, tactics, strategies… and we get to eavesdrop in on it.

Expect to learn load about Robyn and her career, as well as how a savvy screenwriter asks questions, woos and creates rapport and a relationship. It’s live. It’s real. Will Rachel succeed?

Appearing in this session

Rachel Paterson

Rachel Paterson – Screenwriter

Credits include Casualty

Rachel signed with Independent Talent in 2017 and started writing for Casualty in 2018. She has just finished her fifth episode as a core writer.
Rachel Paterson
Robyn Slovo

Robyn Slovo – Producer

Credits include: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

Former exec at BBC Films and head of film at Company Pictures, Robyn is now an independent producer.
Robyn Slovo