Deep Characterisation through Dialogue

Room: Tuke Hall
Time: Friday 3:30pm

012 - (T)

with Kira-Anne Pelican, PhD

Deep Characterisation through Dialogue image

How can we create nuanced, engaging and believable characterisation through dialogue? Drawing on the latest psychological research, screenplay excerpts and film clips, Kira-Anne will demonstrate:

  • The “Big 5” Personality traits
  • How they are expressed in dialogue
  • What a character’s fluency of speech, sentence structure and use of language tells us about their personality
  • Simple, but highly effective tools to bring your character to life through speech
  • Learn how to create complex and relatable characters with depth and authenticity.


Appearing in this session

Kira-Anne Pelican, PhD

Kira-Anne Pelican, PhD – Writer, Researcher, Script Consultant

Author of The Science of Writing Characters (available soon from Bloomsbury)

Kira-Anne has 25 years of experience working in the British and American film and TV industries.
Kira-Anne Pelican, PhD