Developing a Hit TV Show

Room: Script Angel Cinema
Time: Friday 10.45am

with Emmanuel Oberg

Developing a Hit TV Show image

Would you like to know how original serials and procedurals are really designed? If the “over the counter” stuff leaves you confused or wanting, you’ve come to the right place: There’s more to TV series development than the superficial five-act paradigm!

Based on Oberg’s innovative Story-Type Method®, this session explores the crucial distinction between conventional TV series formats and the actual story structure lying underneath. After identifying essential elements such as series type and story type, we’ll dive deep into story structure to see how we can use the same tools to design series, seasons, episodes, storylines and scenes, and we’ll explain why modern TV Series narratives are not just about teasers and cliffhangers…

Using examples from recent, successful series such as Stranger Things, Killing Eve, Sex Education, Chernobyl, Big Little Lies, Fleabag and Happy Valley, we’ll look at the flexible yet powerful tools and techniques needed to master this popular storytelling form.

Appearing in this session

Emmanuel Oberg

Emmanuel Oberg – Screenwriter, Author, Creative Consultant

Credits include Double Game; author of the Story-Type Method® series of books

Emmanuel has written for Warner Bros, Gold Circle, StudioCanal, Working Title and Film4.
Emmanuel Oberg