Does writing for kids offer the BIGGEST opportunity in the business?

Room: D202/3

with Tim Bain, Jo Ho, and Debbie Moon
moderated by Mellie Buse

Does writing for kids offer the BIGGEST opportunity in the business? image

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Children represent a huge and diverse audience – and they are also massive consumers of drama: on TV, at the movies and online. What’s more, writing for children is very different to writing for teens … one size does not fit all!

Writing for young audiences offers a unique challenge: kids and teens are quick to bore and are now more media literate than ever. Keeping them engaged without patronising them is a huge skill.

Appearing in this session

Debbie Moon

Debbie Moon – Screenwriter

Credits include: Wolfblood, Hinterland

Debbie is the BAFTA-winning creator and lead writer of the CBBC fantasy drama series Wolfblood, which ran for five series and is shown in nearly 60 countries.
Debbie Moon
Jo Ho

Jo Ho – Screenwriter & Director

Credits include: Spirit Warriors

Jo Ho is a self-taught, award-winning British screenwriter and director.
Jo Ho
Tim Bain

Tim Bain – Screenwriter

Credits include: Dennis & Gnasher, Numtums

Tim writes TV comedy and animation for both adults and kids.
Tim Bain
Mellie Buse

Mellie Buse – Screenwriter & Producer

Credits include: Grandpa In My Pocket

Grandpa In My Pocket has received three BAFTA nominations and won the 2010 Welsh BAFTA for Best Children’s Programme.
Mellie Buse