Embracing & Ignoring Screenwriting "Rules" with Ian Shorr

Room: Online
Time: 8:00pm

with Ian Shorr
moderated by Cera Rose Pickering

Embracing & Ignoring Screenwriting "Rules" with Ian Shorr image

Courses, books, social media, writers’ groups… there is no shortage of resources out there designed to give writers the secret formula for success. The “rules” that stand between aspiration and success. Which “rules” lead to success (if any)? Which ones should writers ignore? Ian Shorr (Inevitable) returns to talk about the closest thing there is to a guaranteed path to success.

Appearing in this session

Cera Rose Pickering

Cera Rose Pickering – Screenwriter, Playwright & Actor

Credits include: Downton Abbey, Endeavour

When Cera isn’t writing, she can be found performing on stage and screen, appearing in films and TV shows.
Cera Rose Pickering
Ian Shorr

Ian Shorr – Writer, Producer and panda enthusiast

Known for Splinter (2008), Office Uprising (2018) and Infinite (2021)

Ian Shorr is a prolific spec-hound, with several spec sales to his name.
Ian Shorr