2:00pm Every Payoff Needs a Setup

Room: Online
Time: 2:00pm

with Philip Hughes and Ted Wilkes

2:00pm Every Payoff Needs a Setup image

In the third of their series of lectures from their soon-to-be-published book, The Beginning, The Middle & The End, Phil and Ted walk you through how the decisions that your character makes in the opening pages of your story mirrors their happily (or unhappily) ever after.

Appearing in this session

Philip Hughes

Philip Hughes – Screenwriter, Educator

Writing credits include Thunderpants, I Want Candy, The Queen's Nose

Phil is Course Leader for BA(Hons) Film & Screen degree at Regent’s University, London and is an experienced script editor for film and TV.
Philip Hughes
Ted Wilkes

Ted Wilkes – Screenwriter, Educator

Co-author of The Beginning, The Middle & The End (available soon)

Ted teaches Screenwriting and Digital Media at Regent's University and is currently developing a TV series with producer Nick Agha.
Ted Wilkes