Year-Round Courses, Workshops, Events and Initiatives

We don’t just run seminars, we inject rocket fuel into the hearts, minds and souls of people so that they can be fully and creatively self expressed.

Year round we run all manner of amazing things, from large scale events like the London Screenwriters’ Festival to smaller more intimate gatherings at the London Breakfast Club, as well as online events run over at And finally there is our signature intensive for advanced writers, Talent Campus.

In everything we do, we pay particular attention to…

  • Community – We are in this together and can and SHOULD support and help each other.
  • Value – We strive to keep the costs down on everything we do and offer.
  • Action – We don’t just run seminars, we want to create powerful outcomes through YOU taking action.
  • Inspiration – Buckle up!

Consider us your partners on your own creative journey.

Upcoming LIVE Events…

Online Training On Demand with One Year Access