1700 Creating Compelling Characters with David Baboulene, PhD

Time: 5:00pm

with David Baboulene, PhD

1700 Creating Compelling Characters with David Baboulene, PhD image

Stories are not delivered by the writer. The writer may have been dead for years. No, the story is delivered by the characters you create.

In this session, David will show you how to nurture your characters into life and have them grip your audience. I will demonstrate how characters deliver – and thrive on – subtext and motivation and the five ways you must use this knowledge to create compelling story events. Through the use of short films, iconic clips and fun, interactive workshops, you will understand how your characters are the key to golden stories.

“David Baboulene is the new Aristotle. He is truly a master when it comes to the science behind storytelling.” Craig Hinde (Writer/Director, PandoraWitch; Unravel).

Appearing in this session

David Baboulene, PhD

David Baboulene, PhD – Narrative Theorist, Story Consultant

Credits include: Story Theory

David's research into narrative theory has demonstrated how the power of every story lies in the way it resonates with the human mind.
David Baboulene, PhD