5:45pm Final Draft 2 – Insider Tips, Tricks & Hacks (Zoom)

Room: Online
Time: 5:45pm

with Andrew L. Schwartz

5:45pm Final Draft 2 – Insider Tips, Tricks & Hacks (Zoom) image

Final Draft, the world’s leading scriptwriting software, automatically formats and paginates scripts for film, TV, and the stage. But it can so much more than that. In this in-depth power user session, Final Draft Studio Liaison Andrew Schwartz will show scriptwriters how to go beyond just tab and enter and unlock the software’s powerful prewriting, visualising, character developing, and reporting tools.

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Appearing in this session

Andrew L. Schwartz

Andrew L. Schwartz – Final Draft Studio Liaison

Final Draft's man in the studios

The Final Draft Master to help you master Final Draft
Andrew L. Schwartz