5:45pm Final Draft 1 – The Basics and Beyond (Zoom)

Room: Online
Time: 5:45pm

with Andrew L. Schwartz

5:45pm Final Draft 1 – The Basics and Beyond (Zoom) image

Join Final Draft’s Studio Liaison Andrew Schwartz, as he demos the basics of the industry standard screenwriting software, then dive into how writers can use powerful new tools to brainstorm, visualise, collaborate, and customise the writing environment like never before.  Don’t miss this chance to explore features such as real-time collaboration, alternate dialogues, and a free-flowing beat board for building your story.

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Appearing in this session

Andrew L. Schwartz

Andrew L. Schwartz – Final Draft Studio Liaison

Final Draft's man in the studios

The Final Draft Master to help you master Final Draft
Andrew L. Schwartz