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with Julian Wilkins

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Do you have legal issues you need a lawyer to help you with? All delegates at the festival have the option to apply for the legal clinic that is run by top media lawyers Blue Pencil Media.

Submissions open for online consults on Date TBC and close on Date TBC.

The Legal Clinics all take place online now.

You can ask any question you like and their legal team will do their best to answer your concerns. This session alone could be worth the price of admission!

How it works…

Make a submission via our form, all delegates will be emailed the form. If selected you will be invited to a private Zoom meeting with our lawyer who will answer you questions.

You must apply via the online form to be considered.

You will have been emailed this link.

Listen to a podcast with our legal clinic lawyer Julian Wilkins answering the six most common questions asked by screenwriters.

Most Common Issues?

Feedback from the Legal Clinic

  • 900918284‘The Legal Clinic was very helpful and cleared up a couple of legal points about intellectual property ownership that I wasn’t sure about. I’d definitely recommend it.’
    Terry Comer, Screenwriter
  • 1034210908‘Julian was easy to talk to and, happily, very reassuring about my project. I got advice I didn’t know I needed and it was really helpful. Talking to someone who understands how it all works – and who is on the writer’s side – was enormously helpful.’
    Colleen Burns, Screenwriter
  • 1039546037‘The Legal Clinic was a game changer for me’
    Kati Royle, Screenwriter
  • 1017247754‘I had a great experience at the legal clinic’
    Jane Hamer, Screenwriter
  • 1039224507‘Very impressed by the friendly and thoughtful advice we received at the Legal Clinic. We had contract and copyright questions to discuss and in both cases were given clear, constructive and unpatronising answers which set our minds at rest. Very highly recommended’
    Eliza Pakenham, Screenwriter
  • 1040913758‘I had a very helpful and useful half hour session with Julian which clarified many legal issues for me’
    Norman Bissell, Screenwriter

Appearing in this session

Julian Wilkins

Julian Wilkins – Lawyer

Editor of Blue Pencil Laws Of Creativity Magazine

Julian Wilkins is Editorial Director for Blue Pencil Media Limited and will be running the legal clinic at the festival
Julian Wilkins


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