Getting paid to write funny with David Reynolds

Room: Final Draft Hall
Time: Friday 5:00pm

with David Reynolds

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Comedy writers MUST attend this hilarious but informative session with Dave, who has been a staff writer for Conan O’Brien and Pixar and is now writing for Adam Sandler and Steve Carell.

Being paid to be funny is more than just writing funny words, there is a strategy at play, a work ethic to rise to, and a political game to navigate. What are the tactics that will get YOUR words paid for AND also produced?

In this session Dave will share his experiences working in the pressure cooker of a late night US TV show writing room, the fun and games of writing for Pixar, and what it’s like to pitch movies to the studios with Adam Sandler and Steve Carell.

A true legend, Dave will have you crying with laughter as you note down pearls or comedy industry wisdom.

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David Reynolds

David Reynolds – Screenwriter

Disney and Pixar writer David Reynolds credits include; Finding Nemo, Toy Story 2 & 3 and The Emperor's New Groove.
David Reynolds