Going Wireless: Writing for Radio

Room: Script Angel Cinema
Time: Saturday 2:00pm

032 - (T)

with Julia McKenzie, Tim Stimpson, Ming Ho, and Jack Bernhardt
moderated by Jonathan Ruffle

Going Wireless: Writing for Radio image

British Radio, specifically BBC Radio, is an excellent starting point for comedy and drama writing.

Radio remains one of the most accessible doorways into the broadcast world: hundreds of successful writers began in radio.

The unique way radio engages its audience enables the writer and the listener to collaborate in extraordinarily powerful imaginative experiences. And with its lower budgets and nearly-limitless distribution options in the age of podcasts, there are more opportunities than ever before to see your script produced if you write for radio.

BBC radio has a huge output of drama and comedy and needs good writers all the time. Come and hear from the writers who are making waves in radio today; and find out directly from the Commissioners what they’re looking for, where they go to to find it and what the possibilities are for you in this always thriving medium.

Appearing in this session

Jack Bernhardt

Jack Bernhardt – Screenwriter

Credits include: The Lentil Sorters

Recipient of the BBC Radio Comedy Writer's Bursary, Jack has written for a wide range of shows and regularly contributed to series such as The News Quiz and Dead Ringers.
Jack Bernhardt
Jonathan Ruffle

Jonathan Ruffle – Writer & Producer

Credits include: Tommies, Never Mind The Buzzcocks

Jonathan created, writes and produces the a four-and-a-half year real-time drama - Tommies which airs on BBC Radio this autumn.
Jonathan Ruffle
Julia McKenzie

Julia McKenzie – Head of BBC Radio Comedy

Credits include: The Jason Byrne Show, French & Saunders

Julia produces comedies for Radio 2.
Julia McKenzie
Ming Ho

Ming Ho – Screenwriter

Credits include: The Things We Never Said, Eastenders, Casualty

Ming is an award-winning writer for stage, screen and radio.
Ming Ho
Tim Stimpson

Tim Stimpson – Screenwriter

Credits include: The Archers, Eastenders, Doctors

Tim has written hundreds of episodes of the BBC's much beloved radio soap 'The Archers' - the longest running radio soap in the world.
Tim Stimpson