1700 Healing The Witch Wound On Screen

Room: Online
Time: Saturday 5:00pm

with Kathryn Ferguson and Louise Say
moderated by Maureen Hascoet

1700 Healing The Witch Wound On Screen image

March 2nd

‘… we learned to play down, play dumb, play dead. 
And we were taught to fear that light within us
Lest it should herald our downfall
But not anymore
You are not a witch my friend
You are quite simply or quite complicatedly a woman…’

Donna Ashworth
The Witch Wound

As the stories on our screen mirror the shifts taking place in society, a new definition of an archetype emerges: the witch.

Long maligned and feared, she rises powerful and embraced. She whispers of truth, justice and balance in the ears of little Irish girls in ‘Wolfwalkers’ or sleepwalking grown woman ‘Barbie’ who wakes up with a gut feeling that she should stand on her own two flat feet and not go back in the box.

She reconnects the feminine in our stories with a primal wisdom that is ignored at our characters’ own peril and has her own sense of agency, which in turn, imprints the world around her.

The self made myth is giving way to circles of ‘Bad Sisters’ exploring all the nuances of feminine relationships… and we’re here for it, any given ‘Wednesday’.

Come explore the divine secrets of the sisterhood!

Appearing in this session

Kathryn Ferguson

Kathryn Ferguson – Emmy-nominated writer and director.

Winner of the inaugural BFI & Chanel Award for Creative Audacity in 2022
Kathryn Ferguson
Louise Say

Louise Say – Producer

Credits include: Shetland, Dracula, Les Miserables (BBC)

Excited by the prospect of “re-inventing” the show, Louise most recently produced Season 8 of the hit BBC 1 crime drama Shetland.
Louise Say
Maureen Hascoet

Maureen Hascoet – Producer, Director

Credits include 50 Kisses ('Enough' segment)

Maureen is an LSF team veteran. Based in Scotland, she runs her own production company, Firewalker Films, and is passionate about promoting gender equality and mental health. 
Maureen Hascoet