How To Be A Successful Screenwriter: Patterns, strategies and tactics for a lifelong career

Room: Final Draft Hall
Time: Saturday 2:00pm

with Amma Asante and Chris Jones

How To Be A Successful Screenwriter: Patterns, strategies and tactics for a lifelong career image

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Death In Paradise, the primetime BBC 1 cop show was created and written by Robert Thorogood.

Amma Asante is a British screenwriter and filmmaker whose film ‘Belle’ is on screens now, and the story of how it got made and what happened subsequently is as dramatic as the movie itself.

What they both have in common is they are a ten year or more ‘over night’ success. They have the battle scars to prove it, but they found success by marching through.

Join Robert and Amma as they share with LSF Creative Director Chris Jones their personal insights into what makes a successful screenwriting career. Expect to leave both informed AND inspired.

Ahead of this session you can read one of Robert’s screenplays for Death In Paradise (now on the private delegate page) and you can also listen to a podcast Chris recorded in the very first year of the Screenwriters’ Festival when Robert just got his big break by winning the Red Planet competition with his spec TV show Caribbean Cops which later became Death In Paradise.

If you are looking for information and inspiration, this session is guaranteed to deliver the goods.

Listen to the podcast from when Robert just got his break below.

Appearing in this session

Amma Asante

Amma Asante – Writer & Director

Credits include: A Way Of Life

Writer and Director Amma was recently announced as one of Variety's ‘10 Directors to Watch’ this year.
Amma Asante
Chris Jones

Chris Jones – Filmmaker and author

Credits include: Oscars shortlisted Gone Fishing, the Guerilla Handbooks and a bunch of feature films

Chris has spent his life making movies, writing books  and helping others make their movies.
Chris Jones

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