How To Get Hollywood To Pay Attention (And Money)

Room: Tuke Hall

with Luke Ryan

How To Get Hollywood To Pay Attention (And Money) image

You had an amazing idea, you wrote a brilliant script … But now what?  We’ll start with several advanced screenwriting techniques that can help you polish your script and make it even better — from defined thematic arcs to complex character design and meaningful subplots — we’ll discuss taking control of the reader from page one and demonstrating the writing skill that keeps pages turning in Hollywood.

Then we’ll cover methods of breaking into Hollywood — how agents, managers, producers and studio executives make decisions about material, how to get your script in front of them and how to ultimately land the deal you’ve been hoping for.

And, finally, we’ll break down what those deals look like in terms of structure and money and what the realities are once you have a career as a working screenwriter.