How Your Worst Writing Can Be Your BEST Work

Room: Final Draft Hall
Time: Saturday 6:30pm

How Your Worst Writing Can Be Your BEST Work image

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Conquer perfectionism and writer’s block by purposely writing terrible scenes and dialogue. You read that right. The worst. You will finish a scene you were stuck on, make yourself laugh and then be inspired to make it better. Bad writing is the new good writing.

Many writers are perfectionists and labor over a page or a scene for way too long, which knocks them out of competition with more productive and confident writers. It’s not writer’s block – it’s something worse – it’s allowing yourself to be distracted while you wait for perfection.

  • Identify what is slowing down your writing
  • Learn to push through the doldrums every time
  • Write more quickly and effectively

Power through those bad writing days by lightening up and writing the scene in the silliest way possible and three wonderful things will happen: 1) you will have written and 2) you will have made yourself laugh and 3) you will be inspired to rewrite your scene and improve it – we guarantee it.