I need a SCRIPT! And I am shooting it next month…

Room: Tuke Cinema
Time: Friday 3:30pm


with David Bryant, Tom Kerevan, and Yana Georgieva

I need a SCRIPT! And I am shooting it next month… image

Arguably the most useful people new writers should work with are microbudget filmmakers. Very ‘arguably’ we might add.

Traditionally, these filmmakers usually write their own scripts because they don’t know many writers and when they do find one, said writer has already written a script that is several zeros outside of their tiny budget.

In short, the emerging filmmaker sector is crying out for micro budget genre scripts. Why not write one?

This panel of active and hungry filmmakers will share what you should write, how to work with microbudget filmmakers and what to expect.

We will discuss what kind of script you should you write and what production rules you need to play by in order to make it easy to shoot.

You may not make any money (though you might), you most likely won’t get thanked enough too, and for sure the filmmakers may well overshadow you with their egos (they are filmmakers right!?).

But you will get produced. You will also get the invaluable experience of taking your script through production, post production and sales. And you will get that all important IMDB credit too.

But most of all, you will get a relationship with a filmmaker who is as hungry for success as you are. And that makes for a powerful team.

Appearing in this session

David Bryant

David Bryant – Screenwriter & Director

Credits include: Drunk On Love, Dead Wood

David's first feature Dead Wood was shot for £7k and was bought by Lionsgate for a US release.
David Bryant
Tom Kerevan

Tom Kerevan – Screenwriter - Producer/Founder of Cannibal Films

Credits include: Tear Me Apart

Tom's feature debut 'Tear Me Apart' premiered at the Austin Film Festival and he is currently working on his second feature ‘Gun’.
Tom Kerevan
Yana Georgieva

Yana Georgieva – Sales Executive - Bankside Films

Credits include: Sleeping Dogs

The company seeks to finance and distribute distinctive films of quality for theatrical release internationally. We do not focus on specific genre. We don’t do TV.
Yana Georgieva