8:00pm Inside the Writers' Room

Room: Online
Time: 8:00pm

with Tony Jordan

8:00pm Inside the Writers

Many TV writers stumble when it comes time to joining a writers’ room; what has always been a passionate solitary pursuit becomes a collaborative undertaking. Whilst it can be creatively stimulating, there are also pitfalls the solo writer does not have to face. Politics, compromise, and unpredictable group dynamics can impact a writer in unfamiliar ways.

Ever wondered what it’s REALLY like inside the writers’ room? How does collaboration actually work and does everyone get a say? How do you crack a story or write characters that aren’t yours? What happens when the ideas dry up? Or when no one can agree? Get the inside scoop from TV legend Tony Jordan, experienced showrunner and creator of some of Britain’s best-loved shows (Hustle, Life On Mars), on what it’s ACTUALLY like to be in the room.

In this session, writers will learn…

  • How to navigate the waters of multiple priorities.
  • The specific challenges and rewards of writing to fulfill a showrunner’s voice and vision.
  • How to get staffed in a room, and how to make yourself indispensable once you’re there.

Are you ready to go from God of your story’s reality to just one member of a team? Come and listen to Tony Jordan’s words of wisdom… and vault yourself into one of the most invigorating writing jobs out there.

Appearing in this session

Tony Jordan

Tony Jordan – Screenwriter, Producer

Credits include Hustle, Life On Mars, Holby Blue, Death in Paradise

Tony has created and written for some of Britain’s most iconic and successful TV series, including Life on Mars, Ashes to Ashes and EastEnders.
Tony Jordan