It's a Mystery

Room: Tuke Hall
Time: Saturday 9:00am

with Hayley McKenzie


Crime and thriller are the most popular genres in film and television. Discover the secrets of crafting a killer crime story and find out how to use mystery techniques to hook an audience… whatever your genre.

In this session you’ll learn the differences between crime, thriller and mystery genres and how each is used in feature films and television dramas. You’ll discover how to choose the best genre for your idea and how to use each narrative technique to craft your story for film or television. And you’ll find out how to borrow mystery techniques to enhance your writing, whatever your genre.

Appearing in this session

Hayley McKenzie

Hayley McKenzie – Founder & CEO | Script Angel

Script Angel’s team of BAFTA-winning script editors help writers to elevate their scripts, develop their voice and advance their screenwriting career.
Hayley McKenzie