Just Kidding: Writing Cracking Comedy Features and TV

Room: Final Draft Hall
Time: Saturday 10:30am


Just Kidding: Writing Cracking Comedy Features and TV image

Do you feel like the usual paradigms are draining the life out of your screenplay? Yet you’re aware that a good comedy isn’t just a succession of jokes? This session might be for you!

Based on the innovative Story-Type Method®, this two-hour session explores essential tools for developing a successful comedy, either for Film or TV. We’ll take a look at the way we can use Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to increase the chances of reaching our target audience in a comedy. We’ll also explore the anatomy of a gag and how humor comes from conflict and surprise. Finally, we’ll see how high concept comedies are almost always based on dramatic irony, and how fully understanding this powerful tool gives you the edge in comedy writing.

From designing a classical misunderstanding to shaping the structure of scenes, sequences and even the whole screenplay, this session should help raise your comedy writing skills to the next level.

All the tools and techniques discussed are illustrated using clips and examples from successful comedies such as The Hangover, The Court Jester, There’s Something About Mary, Parenthood, Silver Linings Playbook, Bridesmaids, Midnight in Paris and Tootsie.