1530 Knowledge Gaps and Subtext with David Baboulene, PhD

Time: 3:30pm

with David Baboulene, PhD

1530 Knowledge Gaps and Subtext with David Baboulene, PhD image

Stories are made from knowledge gaps. All of them. And the knowledge that goes into the gaps is called: Subtext. This relationship is the simple substance of every story ever made, including yours. It’s unavoidable, so you might as well understand it, right?! In this session you will learn how to work with knowledge gaps and understand the precious, golden subtext they generate. Through the use of short films, iconic clips and fun, interactive workshops, you will understand how knowledge gaps and subtext are the secret and the substance of your Story Power.


“David Baboulene IS the Story Ninja.” (Nick Wild – Writer/Producer/Director)

Appearing in this session

David Baboulene, PhD

David Baboulene, PhD – Narrative Theorist, Story Consultant

Credits include: Story Theory

David's research into narrative theory has demonstrated how the power of every story lies in the way it resonates with the human mind.
David Baboulene, PhD