Script Lab 2 (2012): Steve Ince: The Writing For Games Lab

Room: Acland Lounge

with Steve Ince

Script Lab 2 (2012): Steve Ince: The Writing For Games Lab image

Are you a game-playing script writer? Have you ever wanted to discover what the role of a game writer entails? … Games master Steve Ince will be running a script lab at the festival on writing for games. This award-nominated writer is best known for his work for Revolution Software series Broken Sword and has the experience and insights you need to develop your skills to fit a highly interactive medium.

Six applicants will be selected for the three hour lab and participants are expected to have a good understanding/working knowledge of games. The workshop will look at how game writing relates to interactivity; game design and gameplay; action sequences; cut-scenes; conditional dialogue; breaking the fourth wall; the iterative process; history of game text and much more.

This will be a fantastic and highly interactive workshop, designed to take your skills to the next level.

Interested? Here’s how to submit (please note, Script Labs are for LSF delegates only):

Please submit:

  1. A one page pitch for a computer game idea.
  2. Up to 5 pages of an EXISTING script as a sample.

(NOTE: Steve has a preference for adventure, action-adventure, RPG, casual HOG/adventure games (or similar), rather than games that have a superficial use of story and scriptwriting.

Also: please ensure your name is on each page/the title page and your documents are .doc, .docx and/or PDF – all other formats will be deleted).

Send to with STEVE INCE LAB in the
subject line and your LSF ticket number in the body of the email somewhere.

DEADLINE: (October 12th. 5pm UK time)

Good luck!

Appearing in this session

Steve Ince

Steve Ince – Writer and designer

Credits Include: Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon

Author of 'Writing for Video Games' and an award-winning games script writer.
Steve Ince