Lessons learnt from the scriptwriting trenches

Room: Tuke Hall
Time: Friday 2:00pm


with Barbara Machin
moderated by Barbara Machin

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When it comes to trenches Tony Jordan has dug them, fought the good fight and emerged the decorated victor.

And he has the scars to prove it . In a writer’s life every day is a possible win or lose, every project is campaign which will send you marching onwards or reeling back.

Tony may have risen from foot soldier to five star general but not without survival strategies, battle plans and down right bravery.

In a career made notable by its great successes, Tony talks candidly with fellow writer Barbara Machin, about the high and lows and the realties of the day to day process.

From soaps to singles, from hired hand to show runner, from market trader to company director of top Indie, Red Planet, Tony has covered a lot of ground and now faces the rapidly-changing world of the small screen with inspiring enthusiasm.

Get real, make it real, make it happen, with Tony Jordan.

Appearing in this session

Barbara Machin

Barbara Machin – Screenwriter

Credits include: Waking The Dead, The Bill

Barbara Machin is the BAFTA and EMMY award winning screenwriter who created BBC1’s worldwide selling hit series Waking The Dead.
Barbara Machin