10:00pm 'Unorthodox' Deconstructed: Creating and interweaving Multiplot/flashback TV serials

Room: Online
Time: 10.00pm

with Linda Aronson


In a world-first, international nonlinear scriptwriting guru Linda Aronson breaks down the hit series ‘Unorthodox’ – to show you the practical story mechanics behind TV drama serials that use multiple protagonist plotlines and complex double narrative flashback. How do you do it? How can it go wrong? What goes into the planning ?

Not covered in conventional screenwriting theory, these parallel story structures are essential kit for writers in the brave new world of quality long-form serial TV.


Appearing in this session

Linda Aronson

Linda Aronson – Practitioner, Screenwriter

Author of: The 21st-Century Screenplay

Linda Aronson returns to dazzle LSF delegates with her game changing explanations of how to construct non-linear and multiple storyline films.
Linda Aronson

Thursday 4th June

Session TBC

Session TBC

This session will be announced soon.

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