London Screenwriters' Festival 2016 Launch Event (June 8th)

with Julian Fellowes

London Screenwriters

On June 8th, the London Screenwriters’ Festival 2016 hosted its launch event with Nik Powell and Julian Fellowes.

With networking, a great conversation with Julian and Nik, plus the nominations for the 2016 British Screenwriters’ Awards, the launch was a huge success.

Julian shared candidly, firing out hard won screenwriting lessons like a machine gun. Our personal favourite was when he was asked ‘How do you deal with writers block?’ and he answered ‘I don’t have time for writers block’. Hilarious and inspiring.

Appearing in this session

Julian Fellowes

Julian Fellowes – Screenwriter & Director

Credits include: Downton Abbey, Gosford Park

Author of several best-seller novels, Oscar winner for Gosford Park and creator, writer and executive producer of the multi award-winning Downton Abbey.
Julian Fellowes