Made In Britain: Culture Clashes & Revolutions

Room: Final Draft Hall
Time: Sunday 2:00pm


with David Livingstone and Laura Wade

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What makes cultural revolution and class wars such fertile ground for entertaining film and television? And why do mass audiences flock or tune into these films and shows?

In this session we will explore the sweet spot between hard hitting drama and honest comedy. When combined and then set in a particular time and place, the tension between comedy and drama often produce smash hit stories.

The panel includes William Ivory (screenwriter for Made In Dagenham), David Livingstone (Producer of Pride) and Laura Wade (screenwriter for The Riot Club).

This promises to be an outstanding session that will reveal the formula for Great British Film and TV.

Appearing in this session

David Livingstone

David Livingstone – Producer

Credits include: Pride, Billy Elliot, United 93

David was President of Worldwide Marketing and Distribution at Universal Pictures and Working Title. His first feature as Producer is the current UK smash 'Pride'.
David Livingstone
Laura Wade

Laura Wade – Screenwriter & Playwright

Credits include: The Riot Club

Laura's Screenwriting feature debut is the critically acclaimed 'The Riot Club' adapted from her own stage play 'Posh'.
Laura Wade