Creating the Nonlinear TV Series

Room: Tuke Hall
Time: Friday 10.45am


Creating the Nonlinear TV Series image

TV and digital drama as well as feature films are increasingly using nonlinear, ensemble and flashback storytelling. Let Linda pull back the curtain to reveal the tools that makes these formats work so darn well.

Many writers, both TV veterans and newcomers, want to create TV drama one-offs and series in these complicated and exciting forms. Unfortunately, not only is parallel narrative notoriously difficult to create, but all TV series writing, whether linear or nonlinear, involves a minefield of creative restrictions that come as a shock to the newcomer and persistently challenge even the veteran.

Linda Aronson, the guru of nonlinear and ensemble film writing, spent years writing and creating TV drama of all kinds. At this year’s LSF she combines her practical TV experience with her expertise in nonlinear narrative to explain how you can apply her templates for nonlinear and fractured screenplays and create nonlinear drama for TV.

In preparation for this session, we also recommend buying and reading Linda’s cracking book, ‘21st Century Screenwriter’. Get it HERE.

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