Pitching Thursday (*Evening*) at LondonSWF (September 9th 2021)

with Bob Schultz

Pitching Thursday (*Evening*) at LondonSWF (September 9th 2021) image

You can’t sell your project until you’ve convinced someone to read it. How do you convince someone to read it? By pitching it to them!

Pitching Thursday (Evening) is back, our popular pre-festival event that prepares you for the weekend of pitching that lies ahead.

Pitching is the thing most screenwriters fear the most. Face your fear, and cast it out on Pitching Thursday. When the LSF starts in full on Friday, you will be loaded for bear, ready to face the challenge.

pitch3 ‘The Pitching session with Bob was tremendously helpful and I don’t think that my pitches would have been half as successful without his help and advice’.
Josh Shevill, Screenwriter

Tickets are £20.00
Venue: Regent’s University in Regent’s Park, London
Date: Thursday September 9th (evening), 7pm to 9:45pm (followed by party at festival)

Join screenwriter, pitching guru, and Great American PitchFest co-founder Bob Schultz as he helps you navigate your journey from screenwriter to PRODUCED screenwriter. In this Pitchfest Primer evening session, critical for every LSF delegate, you will build the toolkit you need to get your script into the hands of the broadcasters, agents, and producers who will launch your career.

Meet Bob

Run by Bob SchultzScreenwriter, Producer and Co-Founder/President of ScriptFest and the Great American Pitchfest, Pitching Thursday is designed to improve your pitching skills, giving you insight into your style, ideas and delivery. This will ideally prep you for the Great British Pitchfest at the LSF too.

Read Bob’s full Bio HERE

Pitching is a necessary part of the business. It is not something to get nervous or overwhelmed about, but a skill to be learned and mastered like any other. Pitching Thursday will give you confidence and clarity as you focus on what is special about your project, and you will learn how to powerfully convey your ideas with clarity, passion and confidence to someone else. Don’t fall into the trap of crippling your project just because you didn’t have a killer pitch.

pitchingPrep For Pitchfest!

Pitching Thursday (evening) also includes rehearsal pitching in groups so that you get to refine your project for pitching at the LSF. By the end of the evening, your project will be ready to pitch to any producer, agent or executive you meet at the festival.

Get the most out of your opportunities at the festival by signing up to Pitching Thursday (evening) today.

pitchAt the end of the class, delegates will:

  • Possess skills and strategies to make every meeting count.
  • Attack the issues standing between you and pitching success.
  • Identify the strengths of your screenplay (and yourself) as they pertain to pitching.
  • Overcome/adapt to conversational landmines that might land your script in the slush pile.
  • Prepare you to pitch professionally, passionately, powerfully and (when you need to), on the hoof!
  • Learn the common pitfalls that kill most great ideas dead.
  • Give you tons of practice – and practice makes perfect!
  • Give you TONS of confidence – if you believe, they will believe too!
  • Turn your fear into FUN! You will leave dying to pitch your projects.
  • Prepare you for the Great British Pitchfest to get the most from your opportunity.

Tickets are £20.00
Venue: Regent’s University in Regent’s Park, London
Date: Thursday September 9th (evening), 7pm to 9:45pm (followed by party at festival)

Feedback for Bob

‘Bob Schultz got me to pitch better. Job done.’
Eveline Powell – Screenwriter

‘Thanks to Bob, pitching has moved from ‘terrifying’ to ‘easy’ in just one class!’
Laurence Storey – Screenwriter

‘It’s very friendly and not intimidating – exactly what us writers need… a workshop on improving your pitching technique and increasing your confidence in your ability to pitch your projects. Worth every penny!’
Olivia Olsson – Screenwriter

‘Bob is awesome! He is fun and engaging and I learned a lot…Now I know how to pitch!’
Liz Slade – Screenwriter

‘It was as if I was in LA for a brief time, listening to a pro and ready to conquer Hollywood!’
Alex Khovak – Screenwriter

‘Great advice…A chance to unlock the secrets of how to communicate your script concept straight away.’
Sivakumar Romachondran – Screenwriter

‘Very friendly class – good to meet people and hear their ideas & see how to distil a long script into 4-5 words. I no longer feel I am the only one who has never done this before. Useful and fun.’
Alex Gillespie – Screenwriter

‘Bob’s insights and enthusiasm simply make everything better’.
David Marantz, Screenwriter

‘I’ve read loads about the ‘nuts and bolts’ of writing a log-line before but this was the first time I actually felt that I ‘got it’. Brilliant value, he also fixed the log-line for my current script and that was worth the admission price alone’.
Gary Colman, Screenwriter 

‘Bob is very generous, passionate and really knows his stuff!’
Sophie Gueydon, Screenwriter

‘I Went into the class fearful of having to put on a performance of some kind but Bob walked us through the various stages of preparing a pitch and then practising the delivery in a way that was both natural and comfortable’.
Humayun Mirza, Screenwriter

‘I learnt a lot: how the mind of an exec. producer works, how to keep up to date in the industry, how to network, what to expect on a pitching session, and most importantly, fine tuning your logline. I think this course is a must for any aspiring screenwriter, and it’s a lot of good information for an affordable price’.
Simon Branco, Screenwriter

Appearing in this session

Bob Schultz

Bob Schultz – Writer, Producer, Professor, Instructor

Credits include Below Zero, Hitlersaurus!

Writer, producer, screenwriting professor and co-founder of ScriptFest.
Bob Schultz