Pixar: The Secrets Of Their Storytelling Craft

Room: Tuke Cinema
Time: Saturday 10:30am


with Scott Myers

Pixar: The Secrets Of Their Storytelling Craft image

Pixar Studios is the most successful filmmaking group in the history of Hollywood. The biggest key to their success? Their understanding of and commitment to story.

In this presentation, Scott Myers distills his DePaul University School of Cinematic Arts course “Pixar: Craft of Storytelling” to seven narrative dynamics evident in the studios’ movies:

  1. Special Subculture
  2. Sires & Siblings
  3. Separation
  4. Strange Sojourners
  5. Small Story / Substantial Saga
  6. Stumbles, Switches, & Surprise
  7. Sentimentality

See how Pixar filmmakers use these narrative instincts and learn how you can adopt them when crafting your own stories.

Appearing in this session

Scott Myers

Scott Myers – Screenwriter, Producer and Educator

Screenwriter of 'K-9' with Jim Belushi and 'Trojan War' with Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Screenwriter and producer, head honcho at 'Go Into The Story' and Black List offical blog scribe.
Scott Myers