Running the Show: Inside the Writers Room and beyond

Room: Darwin D06
Time: Friday 3:30pm

014 - (T)

with Gub Neal, Tony Jordan, and Simon Harper
moderated by Alison Clapham

Running the Show: Inside the Writers Room and beyond image

In television drama, the writers’ path to success goes through the Showrunner. Experienced writers who act as producers, Showrunners are responsible for the creative vision of a series. A good Showrunner is the perfect storm of creativity and showbiz savvy, navigating the demands of actors, directors, producers, broadcasters, and scores more.  A good Showrunner also fills his room with GREAT writers.

Join three of the UK’s most successful Showrunners, the legendary Tony Jordan (Dickensian, Hustle, Life on Mars), Producer Gub Neal (The Fall, Cracker) and Simon Harper (Casulty, Holby City) as they dissect the role and discuss the Rise of the Showrunner in UK broadcasting. Topics covered will be:

  • Penetrating and securing a seat in a Writersroom.
  • Getting your voice heard without shouting.
  • How to avoid being frozen out from the process.
  • How to develop the skills (beyond writing) to get staffed on a show
  • What a showrunner must go through to get a writer hired
  • How to develop your skills as a team writer
  • Career strategies. Should you specialize or be a jack-of-all-trades?
  • What to do if a production company wants your pilot but doesn’t want you to run the show.

This is a must attend session for any and all writers contemplating or currently writing for TV.

Appearing in this session

Alison Clapham

Alison Clapham – Freelance Screenwriter

Credits include: And Then There Were Two

Alison is a freelance screenwriter whose produced scripts include training and corporate films.
Alison Clapham
Simon Harper

Simon Harper – Executive Producer of Casualty & Holby City

Credits include: Casualty, Holby City

Simon has many years of script editing under his belt and is now Executive Producer on Casualty and Holby City.
Simon Harper
Tony Jordan

Tony Jordan – Screenwriter, Producer

Credits include Hustle, Life On Mars, Holby Blue, Death in Paradise

Tony has created and written for some of Britain’s most iconic and successful TV series, including Life on Mars, Ashes to Ashes and EastEnders.
Tony Jordan
Gub Neal

Gub Neal – Producer

Credits include Prime Suspect, Queer As Folk, Cracker, The Fall

Gub is an award-winning producer who headed up the drama departments at both Channel 4 and Granada, and won an Emmy for Prime Suspect.
Gub Neal