Script Lab 1 (2012): Gub Neal in 'The Producers’ Den'

Room: Acland Lounge

with Gub Neal

Script Lab 1 (2012): Gub Neal in


Got what it takes to come up with a fantastic TV series idea AND pitch it to other “producers”? Then read on …

… Gub Neal, top producer of such TV gold as Cracker, Prime Suspect and new series The Fall, brings his brilliant “Producers’ Den” to LondonSWF for a second year.

Six participants will be chosen to take part in the Den. Each writer will be given ten minutes to pitch their project to Gub and the other writers, who will act as producers and give feedback on each pitch.

In the style of “Dragon’s Den” each “producer” will have a certain amount of monopoly money to “invest” in a project – but crucially, they can’t hear ALL the pitches and decide at the end … They have to make a decision there and then!

The two or three pitches who get the most “investment” will then re-pitch their projects to Gub himself, acting as the broadcaster, who will then give feedback and pick a “winner” of the Den.

The Producers’ Den is your chance to get your TV series idea in front of an industry heavyweight like Gub. It’s a brilliant opportunity for writers to not only gain expert advice and experience pitching, but see what it’s like on the *other* side of the table, in the producer’s shoes. Quite an eye opener!

Up for it? Here’s how to submit (please note, Script Labs are for LSF delegates only):

  1. 1 page pitch outline & first scene of first episode of that series of no more than 2 sides of A4 – ie maximum 3 pages total (pls ensure your name is on each page/the title page and your documents are .doc, .docx and/or PDF – all other formats will be deleted)
  2. Send to with THE PRODUCERS’ DEN in the subject line and your LSF ticket number in the body of the email somewhere.

DEADLINE: (5pm UK time, October 12th)

Good luck!

Appearing in this session

Gub Neal

Gub Neal – Producer

Credits include Prime Suspect, Queer As Folk, Cracker, The Fall

Gub is an award-winning producer who headed up the drama departments at both Channel 4 and Granada, and won an Emmy for Prime Suspect.
Gub Neal