Script Lab 3 (2012): Writing For Holby City Lab

with Justin Young

Script Lab 3 (2012): Writing For Holby City Lab image

Into medical shows? Love Holby City? Eight writers will be invited to join Holby showrunner Justin Young in a script lab dedicated to the BBC’s flagship medical drama.

Holby City is not *just* a Casualty spin-off: it has proven its worth as a big ratings winner since 1999 and is included in the BBC’s prestigious writers’ training initiative, The BBC Writer’s Academy.

During the three hour lab, writers will be given a unique insight into what goes into this top show. Justin will lead discussion on what writing for Holby entails, as well as workshopping ideas with writers for guest stories.

This is a brilliant opportunity to gain an insider’s view of how writing one of the most-watched UK TV shows works – not to be missed!

Interested? Here’s how to submit (please note, Script Labs are for LSF delegates only):

  • 1 page pitch outline detailing a guest story for Holby (TIP: it’s a surgical show, not A&E!). Not sure what a guest story pitch might look like? Then check out this sample doc (READ HERE)
  • Send a short statement of why you want to write for Holby / what you’ve done before / anything else of interest (300 words maximum)
  • First 2 or 3 pages of any script of yours. (Application total – 4 pages. Pls ensure your name is on each page/the title page and your documents are .doc, .docx and/or PDF – all other formats will be deleted)

Send to with JUSTIN YOUNG LAB in the subject line and your LSF ticket number in the body of the email somewhere.

DEADLINE: October 12th, 5.00pm UK time

Good luck!