Script Lab 4 (2012): Luke Ryan Writing For Hollywood Studios

Room: Acland Lounge

with Luke Ryan

Script Lab 4 (2012): Luke Ryan Writing For Hollywood Studios image

The Hollywood studio system is one of the most competitive artistic markets in existence, but also one that can be enormously lucrative to a writer who understands both the craft of screenwriting and the key business principles that can get you through the door as well as keep you moving toward the top of the mountain.

Luke Ryan, Executive Vice President of Disruption Entertainment, has worked on both sides of the line in Hollywood – as a screenwriter inside the studio system and as an executive for major studios with the power to say “yes” and “no” as well.

Six participants will have the opportunity to pitch to Luke as well as the other participants who will serve as Studio Executives.  In the style of “Dragon’s Den,” each “Studio Exec” will have a certain amount of money to bid on each project – but, crucially, they can’t hear all the pitches and decide at the end – they have to bid right there and then!

The two or three pitches that get the biggest investment will then be re-pitched to Luke himself, who will give feedback, and pick a winner. Luke will read the winner’s script and give them direct feedback as well as guidance in terms of getting it into the marketplace.  (And there will be many lessons on enhancing both your craftsmanship and business knowledge for all participants along the way).

Please submit a one page pitch treatment as well as up to the first five pages of your script. Send to with HOLLYWOOD LAB in the subject line and your LSF ticket number in the body of the email somewhere.

DEADLINE: (5pm UK time, October 12th)

Appearing in this session

Luke Ryan

Luke Ryan – Executive Vice President | Disruption Entertainment

Credits include: Red Dawn, Cabin In The Woods

Luke Ryan is Executive Vice President of Disruption Entertainment, which has a first-look deal at Paramount Pictures.
Luke Ryan