Script Lab 4: Taking your Genre TV Drama to the next level with 'The Fall' Producer Gub Neal

with Gub Neal

Script Lab 4: Taking your Genre TV Drama to the next level with

Seasoned TV Drama Producer and LSF Patron Gub Neal is going to roll up his sleeves and delve deep into your TV projects in this intensive 3 hr lock-in with one of the most prolific and accomplished Producer’s in the business.

Gub is a bone-fide trailblazer when it comes to TV; he was the co-creator of Cracker, won an EMMY for Prime Suspect, oversaw the creation Russell T. Davies’ ground breaking Queer As Folk and most recently has produced all three seasons of Allan Cubitt’s dark and intense crime thriller The Fall.

In this LAB you will get the once in a writer’s lifetime opportunity to workshop your TV scripts with Gub (and each other); enhancing, improving and elevating everything that’s already working to greater levels while fixing the problems you already know exist and (more likely) highlighting and troubleshooting many that you don’t.

With five new pairs of fresh eyes on your work, plus a world class, kick-ass Producer dishing out feedback, advice, experience and mentorship throughout, you’re guaranteed to walk out of this LAB with a stronger script, renewed confidence in yourself and your projects and a greater understanding of how Producer’s work with writers and their material and, moreover, what’ they’re looking for in both.

If you are selected, you will be expected to read and provide feedback on ALL six projects in this lab. It will be an immersive experience for all participants.

There will also be an online ‘meet-up’ before the festival to get a jump on the story analysis process. Hopefully the bond you forge through the entire lab experience will continue beyond the Festival.

To be considered for this lab, you will need to submit:

  • Logline.
  • The synopsis/treatment for a fully developed TV Drama.
  • The first 10 pages of the Pilot episode.
  • 500 words on why you need to be a part of this lab.

Good luck!

Appearing in this session

Gub Neal

Gub Neal – Producer

Credits include: Prime Suspect, Cracker, Queer As Folk

Gub is an award-winning producer who has headed up the Drama departments at both Channel 4 and Granada.
Gub Neal

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