Scriptercise: 20 minute low impact routine for writers

Room: Final Draft Hall
Time: Sunday 8:15am


with Adele Kirby

Scriptercise: 20 minute low impact routine for writers image

We all know we don’t get up and stretch enough. And boy do we have our excuses! But deep down we know we should do it. So what better place to make a commitment to a simple low impact change? One that could significantly improve your life?

In this twenty minute session, designed by fitness instructor and writer Adele Kirby, you will learn a routine you can take away with you. It’s super low impact and designed to keep you in tip top shape while writing.

What can you expect? First off you won’t get all sweaty so don’t worry. Adele has custom built a routine that is a mix of stretching and low impact yoga. Join us on Sunday morning early, and get the benefit of waking your whole body for a final spectacular day at the Festival.

Appearing in this session

Adele Kirby

Adele Kirby – Creative Fitness Trainer

Adele trains creative people for a living while writing short stories, blogs and spec screenplays.
Adele Kirby