Sizzle or Substance? : Commercialism Vs Creativity in TV Drama Series

Room: Tuke Cinema
Time: Saturday 10:30am

with Barbara Machin and Simon Harper

Sizzle or Substance? : Commercialism Vs Creativity in TV Drama Series image

In this session we will confront the knotty issue in popular television series production, of how to strike a balance between the artform of story telling and the need to keep feeding the ratings machine.

In the cut and thrust world of popular television drama series production, can Creativity work hand in hand with Commericalism or does one over ride the other?

  • – What makes a successful drama series? How do we measure that success?
  • – Critical acclaim v ratings. The problem with the ratings war.
  • – Being Brave and Taking Risks – is this the way to ensure solid ratings?
  • – Sticking to the Tried and Tested – if it’s not broke, why fix it?
  • – Why do some series/soaps fail?
  • – Does Structure and Method in series narrative production kill or cure an ailing Series/Soap?

We will get to grips with the stuff of stories too and how the best series story lines work and why they do.

  • – What makes a great story?
  • – How to keep fresh and original
  • – Does chasing ratings kill creativity?
  • – What works best – pure art or artifice?

Appearing in this session

Simon Harper

Simon Harper – Executive Producer of Casualty & Holby City

Credits include: Casualty, Holby City

Simon has many years of script editing under his belt and is now Executive Producer on Casualty and Holby City.
Simon Harper
Barbara Machin

Barbara Machin – Screenwriter, Showrunner

Credits include: Waking The Dead, The Bill

Barbara Machin is the BAFTA and EMMY award-winning screenwriter who created BBC One’s worldwide-selling hit series Waking The Dead.
Barbara Machin